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Eat Like an Expert:

How to Start Eating Healthy (and Stick to It)

Why is this book different? Eat Like an Expert combines the best of plant-based, Mediterranean, low-carb, and anti-inflammatory diets to create a customizable Expert Diet that delivers tangible transformational results.

In this eye-opening book, Keith Herman introduces cutting-edge behavioral science to help you change your eating habits permanently, to create the health, wellness, and vitality you want, need, and deserve. Because the real challenge isn’t starting a new behavior, it is sticking to it.

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“As a family physician, I think Keith’s blueprint for creating healthy eating habits can be very helpful to healthcare providers and their patients.”

Dr. Brian Morley DO

“One of the things I admire about Keith is his deep research and communication of practical information people can apply immediately to get better results.”

Toby Teeter
Director of the Collaborative, the University of Arkansas innovation center in Bentonville

“As an attorney, I appreciate the unbiased evidence-based information in this book, and as a busy parent, I appreciate how he translates the information into easy-to-follow practical advice.”
Matthew W. Potter
Shareholder, Rosenblum Goldenhersh